Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to create a brighter tomorrow

Balance is the key to finding happiness beyond the workplace.

Simpex believes that a great institution embraces and shapes the world for the betterment of all individuals.  As a multinational company we are keenly aware of cultural, social, and economical differences in the countries that we work in and strive to empower communities to create a positive change.

Through our programs, we promote a future where we can empower individuals to take responsibility and accountability as citizens of the world, citizens of humanity, and citizens of hope.


Who are citizens of the world, citizens of humanity, and citizens of hope?

Every individual treads on a path of a unique journey, but the progress towards enhancing that journey is limited to our immediate environments. Great institutions incorporate values and systems that guide individuals to find that balance. We hope, to be able to impart some of those values that strive to create more balance within those that come across our institution.

We hope to help those striving for balance find untapped capacity to create positive change within themselves that can enable them to empower others.

Such individuals embody the values of citizenship at another level. They are willing to take responsibility and accountability for their actions. They are dedicated to encompass a greater purpose then what their immediate environment offers them.


Awareness of Social Issues:

Simpex takes steps to continuously raise awareness of social issues prevalent in the communities in which we operate. Providing individuals with sufficient information enables them to handle day to day situations differently as opposed to when they are informed on a singular perspective of any given issue. This is to enable individuals to act as better citizens not only for their communities but also for the world at large.

Preventative Health:

Simpex consistently promotes individual wellbeing at the workplace and in the commuity. Health barriers are often major obstacles for individuals to fulfill their personal or professional goals. It is imperative to avoid mental, physical, and emotional barriers to increase performance levels and finding balance. In developing countries with little or no access to healthcare, Simpex aims to encourage prevenative care.


Simpex aims to support education opportunities in developing countries like India to increase the literacy rates of children in our communities. Though the literacy rates are increasing across the world due to technological advances, illiteracy rates still remain high in villages across India. 

Women Empowerment:

Simpex aims to promote women to continue with higher forms of education and encourage women to take leadership roles. Independence, self-reliance, safety, and economic opportunity are factors that equate to changing the role of a woman in society and in the workplace.