Simpex’s international footprint and infrastructure allows for beneficial partnerships with manufacturers so manufacturers can utilize their resources on production and product improvement while Simpex materializes increased market share for manufacturer products. In brief, our services include sharing information on market changes and demands, promotion of products through our extensive marketing and distribution channels, product technical training, and financial assistance.

Glance through each of our services for an overview of what these individual services include. To become a supplier or partner with us you can complete the Become a Supplier form and a representative will be in touch with you.

Marketing and Sales

Simpex provides manufactures with the advantage of performing businesses globally but with the relative simplicity of conducting businesses locally; thus, cutting down on time and money associated with international business transactions.

Some of our marketing and sales activities include,


  • Registration of manufacturer products with EPC contractors, licensors, and OEMs in various industries
  • Access to Simpex’s extensive distribution and sales network of offices and knowledgeable sales engineers and sales support staff
  • Promoting manufacturer products for the International market by releasing advertisements, digital media, and traditional grass roots marketing through our sales offices
  • Generating new business opportunities
  • Providing “on ground” information
  • Regular check in’s with customers for all new leads
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Warehousing / Distribution

Simpex is capable to carry out orders from multiple locations around the world. Orders and shipments can be consolidated based on customer specific agreements to deliver multiple products and brands through a single transit point.

In addition to inventory, sourcing, and receiving, we work with manufacturers’ to manage warehousing, payment authorization and distribution to end customers. We label products and boxes per customer requirements and ensure packaging is safe for exports. We are located near major transportation hubs for reliability on quick shipping.

Inventory Management

Simpex offers solutions for managing inventory through our comprehensive services. Simpex’s infrastructure not only extends to strategic locations, but also technologies, continuous impreovements for its processes that ultimately optimize savings and effiency for both manufactures and customers.

Through our inventory management services we aim to reduce costs through out the supply chain, cut costs so resources can be spent on additional services or improvements, reduce downtime through availability of products, consolidate requirements across the supply chain, streamline transactions, optimize inventory for both manufacturers and customers, reduce risks for manufactures and customers.

Product Technical Training

Manufactures have additional advantages to work with Simpex’s Sales Engineers who undergo commercial and technical training. Simpex Sales Engineers can be trained to provide technical solutions and product training for manufacturer products with manufacturer guidelines.

This enables customers to have a local feel for manufacturering facilities that are working in different countries, time zones, and languages. Our Sales Engineers are capable to provide detailed technical explanations and trainings. To learn more about our people and training processes feel free to send your request through Submit Feedback Form, on our Contact Us page.

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