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Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

Simpex provides manufactures with the advantage of performing businesses globally but with the relative simplicity of conducting businesses locally; thus, cutting down on time and money associated with international business transactions.

Some of our marketing and sales activities include,


  • Registration of manufacturer products with EPC contractors, licensors, and OEMs in various industries
  • Access to Simpex’s extensive distribution and sales network of offices and knowledgeable sales engineers and sales support staff
  • Promoting manufacturer products for the International market by releasing advertisements, digital media, and traditional grass roots marketing through our sales offices
  • Generating new business opportunities
  • Providing “on ground” information
  • Regular check in’s with customers for all new leads
  • Quotation submission and follow up until lead is converted into an order
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Financial Assitance

  • Relieving manufacturer liability to purchase bid bonds and performance bonds. Securing tender registrations and handling lengthy terms and conditions.
  • Handling payments, drawing approval, shipment, export  documentation/packing per export regulations etc...
  • Paying you through our New Jersey office and thus absolving you of the task of Letter of Credits and other payment issues.
  • Hiring additional manpower for special entries into markets