Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

In the early 1990’s Simpex started its first procurement operation and warehouse in New Jersey to supply industrial equipments to the expanding steel industry in India. During the same time India’s economic policies were becoming more liberalized to attract foreign investors into the country. In the span of six years foreign investments jumped from $132Mil to $5.3Bil. And so the start Simpex became synonymous with the boom of investments in India during this time. The industrial markets were developing and growing, but delivering foreign technologies and products from the United States and Europe to India was still burdensome.

Barriers such as international transportation and safe delivery of goods in remote sites, currency conversions (before the Euro), communication difficulties, and on demand services were unheard of at that time. Therefore, the name, Simpex, was derived from building a customer centric model to simplify exports (Simply Export).

Simpex and its associated businesses are run by family investors bringing with it strong values generally associated with family run institutions. The Group presently invests in diverse opportunities in India, United States, and Europe


Opened New Operation
(London, United Kingdom)
Expansion into European Market

Acquisition of SPAB Oil & Gas
(Houston, Texas)
Diversify product / services into the Oil & Gas Industry



Acquisition of Powergen Parts International
(Schenectady, New York)
Diversify product / services for GE Turbine Parts & Equipments

Moved London Operation
Closer to LHR (London Heathrow Airport)

Expansion of International Sales Offices
Simpex now reaches over 25 countries
Opened 13 Sales Branches across India



Opened New Operation (Solingen, Germany)
Expansion of European Operations

Engineering Park (Gujarat, India)
Engineering & Manufacturing Facilities
Under Construction