Global Supply Chain Solutions

Global Supply Chain Solutions

Global Supply Chain Solutions

We aim to offer customized solutions to our customers supply chain needs in five stages: planning, procuring, assembling, distribution, and warehousing. Simpex uses intelligent and customized IT systems and processes to streamline operations, to create plans to meet financial targets and to provide consistency of services throughout the supply chain.


To offer products and services in the most cost effective way, Simpex, identifies key “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives to help customers forecast and plan yearly requirements. We assist forecasting such demands based on past
experiences and current market demands.


Simpex’s has an established infrastructure set up for international sourcing and procurement. Simpex benchmarks its success based on its efficiency and effectiveness indicators such as,

  • Reduce process and staff costs
  • Reduce transaction and productive costs
  • Optimize savings through time management
  • Optimize savings through ability to clear and quick decision making,
  • access to evaluative information
  • Optimize decision making process
  • Decrease rework of transactions

We leverage our consolidated database of suppliers and their products

Product Assembly / Kitting:

Simpex is capable to contract with manufacturers to assemble products locally to cut down staff and overhead costs and offer price sensitive markets with quality products at competitive prices. We are We also provide kitting services for special products. 


Simpex is capable to carry out orders from multiple locations around the world. Orders and shipments can be consolidated based on customer specific agreements to deliver multiple products and brands through a single transit point.


In addition to inventory, sourcing, and receiving, we work with manufacturers’ to manage warehousing, payment authorization and distribution to end customers. We label products and boxes per customer requirements and ensure packaging is safe for exports. We are located near major transportation hubs for reliability on quick shipping.