Our Businesses

Our Businesses

Simpex’s growth strategy is focused on a customer centric model meeting market demands prior to customer needs. Our ongoing investments in process optimization & systems, international infrastructure, and training and empowering diverse manpower maximizes value for the end customer.

Simpex’s diverse range of businesses from procurement, distribution, engineering and marketing to real estate, retail and finance allow for sustainable growth.

Simpex Group of Companies

Simpex Engineering, Inc (USA)

Simpex provides value-added services for end user supply chain requirements. Each of our services are customizable to meet the clients needs or clients also benefit through working withing our established chain of solutions from procurement .... Read more

Simpex Engineering (Europe) Ltd. (UK)

Simpex office in London, United Kingdom acted as our European Headquarters until 2013 when we established our new operation in Germany. Simpex Engineering Europe was a result of focusing on partnering with local European manufacturers to distribute their products through our logistics .... Read more

Powergen Parts International, Inc. (USA)

Powergen Parts International (PPI) is an authorized distributor for General Electric Turbine parts and equipments. With sourcing of millions of parts, inventory of key products, and supply chain capabilities, PPI is able to offer end . .... Read more

Simpex Engineering GmbH (Germany)

Simpex Engineering GmbH started its first mainland European operations in 2013 catering to manufacturers across Western Europe and Eastern Europe to simply logistics and consolidation services for our customers across the world. .... Read more

Simpex Ventures

Simpex Ventures was established to invest and partner with companies currently serving industrial markets to manufacture products or provide services to new business markets. With strong financial strength, extensive network, and an .... Read more

Simpex Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Simpex Engineering India Pvt Ltd was established since the inception of the Company to create sales and distribution channels to be able to reach customers in remote locations. All Simpex India sales branches are located in close proximity to of providing quick solutions and services. .... Read more