Simpex Overview

Simpex Overview

Simpex is recognized as a supplier for industrial parts and equipments since it’s founding in 1996 in Fairfield, New Jersey. We offer a range of diversified spare parts and equipments to industrial clients worldwide through our global sales network and warehouses.

Simpex’s other businesses fall under the umbrella of Simpex Group, who continuously invests in its global infrastructure to expand its distribution and warehousing facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and China. These facilities are equipped to offer value added services to manufacturers of MRO (Maintenance repair and operating) replacement parts and OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) with access to:

  • International Distribution & Warehousing Infrastructure
  • Inventory Management & Control
  • International Sales Infrastructure
  • Local Product Training (Technical Sales)
  • After Sales Training
  • On Site Repair Training
  • Product Promotion into New Markets

We enable manufacturers to concentrate on manufacturing their products so we can support them to compete in the global marketplace through handling terrirorial sales & marketing and warehosing & distribution.

These strong capabilities support us to sell quality and trusted brands to our clients in the petrochemical, power, steel, oil & gas, refinery, automotive, pulp & paper, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

Our businesses are dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency to our customers by providing an end to end single source solution. Customers benefit from single source procurement of American, European, and Chinese products through single distribution points where all products are inspected, packaged, and transported. These goods are delivered on site to to remote plants. Simpex processes optimize sourcing, savings on purchases and logistics, payments and after sales support. Overall, the customer’s risks are reduced and transaction efficiency is increased.

Simpex processes optimize sourcing, maximize savings on purchases, logistics, and payments through consolidation services. Simultaneously, we walk the extra mile to offer after sales support. Overall, the customer’s risks are reduced and transaction efficiency is increased.


Each of Simpex’s locations is strategically placed to be close to manufacturers as well as customer plant sites. Our partners always feel a sense of localness of Simpex’s product and service offering through its well positioned offices across the globe.


Our international teams are resourceful in any given situation. This allows them to formulate creative and effective solutions for our partners.


Simpex constantly improves its systems and processes to meet market demands.