Partner Solutions

Strong partnerships intrinsically adhere to value systems that are fostered through the companies culture and environment. At Simpex we emphasize building sustainable relationships that add value to our partners and to developing markets. This allows us to tap into new markets for developing new business opportunities with our partners.

Though our long term partnership solutions, Simpex works with potential and existing partners to enter and develop new markets and create accurate projections in dynamic markets to ensure stable growth.

Simpex works with industrial equipment manufacturers in North America and Europe. Due to our international scope of doing business we embody an international business culture and value system that allow us to work with a diverse range of opportunities that are integrated into our processes and systems.

Exclusive Distributor / Marketing

Work with us to enter and develop new markets or work with us to expand exsiting markets. Simpex can exclusively cover territories and regions for promoting... Learn more

Inexclusive Distributor

Manufacturers with established sales and distribution channels, either direct or indirect, often face difficulties working in the local market to realize their long... Learn more


Simpex provides strategic partnership solutions to overcome obstacles faced in competitive marketplaces, the objective being to maintain high standards for quality in... Learn more

Service / Repair

In addition to providing manufacturing solutions, Simpex’s upcoming Engineering Park will also be equipped to do service/repairs for equipments and installations... Learn more